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I am a licensed esthetician, Boston based lash artist & lash trainer who is highly active as an industry influencer working with many local influencers, brands, photographers, designers and models.

My love for lashes is based on my passion for beauty products since I was a child. Everything really got serious during my best friend’s wedding, as her lash artist never showed up to the appointment and I helped overcome that situation.

Through these experiences I decided to become a Professional Lash Stylist so I can offer an unforgettable experience to other professional women, brides, models & artists.

What Other Students Say About My Lash Training:

"We feel very confident starting our own lash business."

— Sara & Kuldip

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Sneak Peek of What Do You Get To Practice Live:

A Few Secrets You'll Learn During The Lash Training

Lash Extension training Secrets Shared With You

See What Others Have Experienced During The Lash Extension training

Real Time Feedback On Your Lash Application

Classic & Volume Lash Application

Choosing The Right Lash Products

Applying The Lashes On A Real Model

Lash Branding Strategy

Mannequin Application

Real Time Trainer Feedback

3 Day In-Person Lash Training In Boston Ma

Join Cosmina for a live, very hands-on, 3 full day lash training in Boston Ma. Work 1 On 1 with Cosmina and learn everything you need to start applying lashes the right way.

(For Upcoming Dates & Questions Click The Button To Send Me A Message)

DAY 1 — Agenda

Day 2 & 3 — Agenda

Ready to level up your lash skills?

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For The First Time Ever...

I’m going to take you behind the scenes of my Lash business and reveal…

… the “little known EyeLash Extension hack” you can use to 10X your lash career, impact & income right now.

It’s what I’ve done myself to make a rewarding career out of doing what I love…

It’s what I’ve done myself to become a full time lash artist…

It’s what all the big Lash Artists are doing, but don’t talk about…

If you are wondering how I was able to master these skills…

Why eye lash extensions you may ask?

Lash extensions are like a cosmetic cheat code: whether your clients have just woken up, exercised for an hour, gone for a swim or lived through a harrowing 24-hour stomach flu, you can make them unfailingly delighted by the way their eyes pop, and by how quickly they can get ready.

Since implementing this "lash hack" in my own business...

I’m blessed to work with women that I can help them feel confident with the power of eyelash extensions. Also I’m happy to share my knowledge with other students with this eyelash extensions online course.

So my mission, for the rest of my life, even though it terrifies me, is to unlock as many women as I can to help them make a rewarding career out of doing what they love…

What you’ll see today is the exact same hack my students and I have been quietly using to become full time lash artists.

So if you’re tired of struggling at a job that you hate, not feeling fulfilled … and if you feel like to went to other beauty workshops or lash seminars, I know how you feel because that used to be me…

So pay close attention because this could transform your career into a rewarding one out of doing what you love and change your your forever.

Bold Claim, I Know

However, it’s one I’m fully confident making…

Because what you’re about to discover is the same lash extension hack that I was using for a long time to get amazing video testimonials like the ones below.

Here’s My Promise To You...

Whether you’re already crushing it in your lash business, or you’re just getting started as a lash artist and looking to get more clients and keep them happy…

I believe that this “Little Known Lash Strategy” is the fastest, most predictable way to trigger massive growth in your eyelash business, and finally become a full time lash artist.

Just imagine...

Making a rewarding career out of doing what you love

Attracting only the best quality lash clients

Never chasing another career again, do something you love

Instantly growing your audience of raving customers

This can all be engineered, you simply need a proven roadmap to follow.

One that consistently teaches you the behind the scenes lash technique and floods your salon with new traffic and clients every single month.

Doing it for me, and having helped & consulted other women entrepreneurs, I’ve set this down to repeatable process.



Are you ready to stop the overwhelm and get *clarity* on exactly what the steps you need to take next?

Are you ready to start getting momentum by working *with* me, as we outline, craft, launch and scale your lash career?

If this sounds like you, apply now and see if you qualify.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about lash training, lash extensions & lash certification:

You do NOT need to own any license to join the class; however, you do need to check with your state rules, regulations in order to apply lashes at home, lash freelancer, lash apprentice, start a lash salon business or be lash salon employee.

Yes, this works great if you are beginner. I walk you thru step by step on how to apply lashes ( classic & volume ) for the first time Plus, we have our community and monthly live coaching calls to help you identify the best way to start lashing.

Before registering for Limitlashes trainings and/or applying eyelash extensions, it is incumbent upon you to know and abide by the laws of your state regarding eyelash extensions. Each state has its own rules & regulations. We are continuously making adjustments to provide the most accurate information pertaining to laws and regulations surrounding the practice of eyelash extensions, this is not intended to be a comprehensive list as the laws in each state are subject to change without notice. In no way should the information contained herein be interpreted as a representation of the full subject matter of the laws and regulations pertaining to eyelash extensions nor should it be interpreted as legal advice.

You get lifetime access to the online course before you arrive to the in person training, as soon as you pay the deposit online. The in person event is a 2 day event in Medford, Ma 02155
It all depends on your current situation, your ability to execute and take focussed action, and many other variables. What I can tell you is that we have had people implement the strategies within their first few weeks and they started with nothing. However, the most common results for people who are JUST starting out for the first time with little to no experience…they tend to recoup their investment within 45 to 90 days as long as they take massive action and get Cosmy’s support.
As soon as you pay the deposit, you’ll get access to the Lash online course, so you are getting prepared before you arrive to the in person event. Also, your date/ dates will be fully booked & secured in the training calendar.
Cosmina is a licensed esthetician from Boston Ma and she has success stories from customers attending her workshops & trainings. You get access to an online course that will get you prepared for the in person event. You will work 1 on 1 with Cosmina during the in person lash training. You will get to apply lashes on a mannequin as well as on a real client during the 2 day person.

Yes, continue to watch all my valuable videos & trainings I provide at no cost through my YouTube channel, as well as my IG Live Q & A.

Cosmina is certified by the Massachusetts Cosmetology Board as a Lash Trainer; License# 333-HS-11. Cosmina is also a certified esthetician in Massachusetts.

Cosmina has built her solid reputation over the last years in the lash industry through integrity, humility, and respect. Cosmina’s personal brand and lash expertise allowed her to become a full time lash artist and be invited to speak at other beauty workshops.

Yes, this particular 1 on 1 training is being held in person at Limitlashes salon in Medford, Ma 02155. However, you do have the option to opt in for a remote skype/zoom call version of it, if you prefer.

Ready to level up your lash skills?

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